Advisory Board

Dharmendra Amin, a versatile professional, brings two and a half decade of experience to the table. He has worked with some of the largest organizations like the Swiss Bank, Merrill Lynch, Stoy Hayward, and Schweder Miller. Over his 3 years of stint at Merrill Lynch's Global Markets and Investment Banking division, the revenue of the company grew from $200 million to $300 million.

Dharmendra Amin
CFO, O-Zone Networks
(On-Advisory Board of Speed Fetch)

Sanjeev Sarin
CEO, Ozone Networks
(On-Advisory Board of Speed Fetch)
Sanjeev Sarin (fondly known as Bobby) is the Founder and CEO of Ozone Networks Ltd, a leading Wi-Fi operator in India. Born in the UK, he completed his schooling from top institutes in the UK and the US and further travelled and worked all over the world for Blue Chip organisations such as BT Global Services and The Cloud. After an impressive career growth, Bobby decided to leave the corporate world to build broadband for the masses in India.