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Fetch movies, music & games in a flash.

Locate your nearest Ozone hotspot,
download the Speed Fetch app to experience a new class of entertainment!

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Speed Fetch is the new 5G-entertainment service that will be available all over the country, from cafe’s to airports to bus stops to railway stations. You name it! Speed Fetch is a Wi-Fi enabled entertainment platform that will allow customers to download high quality digital content within minutes using a mobile phone or a tablet, be it movies, games, apps, E-Books, TV shows to News.

At present, it typically takes about 45-60 minutes to download a movie, depending upon your conventional Internet service and would end up costing you a bomb as it would either cost you per megabyte or heavy monthly rentals to get the movie. The Speed Fetch team has constructed a mix of innovative technology solution that will allow you to get a 3-hour 1 GB movie in a flash.

So, imagine the next time you’re waiting for your order to arrive in a restaurant, you could simultaneously download a movie that you can start enjoying while having your meal! Or the next time you are worrying about coping up with the long return flight from your last business trip, you can simply download movies in a jiffy while you’re waiting at the airport to board and enjoy watching them during your flight. Say goodbye to long waiting hours and say yes to the new name of Entertainment.

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Stop Downloading, Just Fetch!